Change login method AFAS Online

Get started with AFAS Pocket in 4 steps!


1. Download AFAS Pocket | 2. Log in to AFAS Online | 3. Change login method | 4. Scan the QR-code

1. Download AFAS Pocket

You can download AFAS Pocket in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. After installing the app you can continue with the next step. 


2. Log in to AFAS Online on your computer

To be able to change the login method, you must first log in to Log in with your email address and password and the confirmation code you received via SMS.

3. Change login method

Go to the Settings tab and click Security. Choose the option Change to AFAS Pocket here.

4. Scan the QR-code

Take your phone out again and open AFAS Pocket. Tap your screen and scan the QR code displayed on your computer. If the code has been successfully scanned, a green check will appear on your phone. The link is successful when you see a screen in AFAS Pocket with a 6-digit code. Do not delete this code. You're done!

Have you already installed AFAS Pocket? Open AFAS Pocket and click on the shield at the top. If this is not shown, go to Settings / Two-Factor Authentication. Press + to scan the code.

Note: If a pop-up notification appears on your phone for using your camera, you must first give permission for this before you can continue. 

Yeah, you're done!

The AFAS Pocket app has now been successfully linked to your account and can now be used for two-factor authentication! Every time you want to log in to InSite or Profit, you must give permission to log in via the AFAS Pocket app on your phone.

Didn't receive a text message? Sign in through a colleague!

First log in with your email address and password. In the screen where you normally enter the confirmation code of your SMS, you now choose the option sign in through a colleague. Your colleague will receive a code via e-mail with which you can log in. Your colleague must of course be able to log in to AFAS himself to receive this code. If this colleague does not have access to AFAS, he or she cannot receive a code for you.


Contact the AFAS administrator within your organization.