New in Profit 14

Profit 14 will be delivered
as from the end of 2019!

Dutch version


Position now as a rate calculation basis

You can now base both the cost price rate and the sales rate on the position of your employees. This, for example, is done a lot in Construction. A free Dimension was used for this up to now.

Team management in InSite and OutSite

You can now manage your own specific teams as an internal project manager. Team members may also leave the team themselves or (indicate that they want to) participate in the team if this is allowed with regard to the project group  It has been configured with regard to the project group in relation to which team role this is possible. 

The external project manager can also, on his/her side, OutSite, add and delete team members in as far as this is related to contacts. This ensures that the back office no longer has to be involved in this.


  • As from Profit 14, all projects will be allocated a specific team automatically if you have not configured a team but have configured an internal or external project manager. This means that you can get many new specific teams with but one role, that is, the project manager. You can, however, delete the new specific team, but then, for example, the internal project manager will also be deleted (and therefore also the visibility of the project in My projects in InSite). This also applies to closed projects.
  • After the conversion, it will be automatically possible for internal project managers to maintain teams in InSite.
    It is also possible for external project managers to change teams in OutSite. To conclude, the Team member team role and all your personal roles will be available automatically in OutSite. If you do not want this, you need to deactivate deactivate it yourself

Using locations in fixed assets

You can now also use the Course Management and Profit Calendar locations for Fixed Assets. The separate Fixed Asset Location custom table will no longer be used for this. You can determine for each location whether it may also be used in Profit Calendar and/or for Course Events. 

You can maintain locations through General / Location / Location (this function was previously available under Profit Agenda) and Financial / Fixed Assets / Location.

To merge the old (asset) locations with the event locations and calendar, a conversion will take place during the switch to Profit 14.

E-invoice processing optimisation

The functionality of e-invoices for processing incoming electronic invoices has been expanded with a number of possibilities and optimised.  

You can, for example, change the reference (PO number or order number) or enter a different entry date for the e-invoice. These fields have been included in the standard entry layout as from now. In addition, you can include the VAT duty field in the entry layout so that you can change it in the entry layout if you need to. This may be needed if you receive invoices from a supplier who uses different VAT duties, for example, reverse-charging VAT or standard VAT.

Small businesses scheme as from 1 January 2020 (Kleineondernemersregeling)

The 'Kleineondernemersregeling (KOR)' in VAT regulations will be changing as from 1 January 2020. You can request full VAT exemption provided that your turnover (excluding VAT) is not higher than € 20,000 in one calendar year. If you are participating in the new small businesses scheme, you must first configure this in Profit.