Nieuw in Profit 15

Application management

Plan repeating tasks more easily

Profit can perform all types of actions automatically with planned tasks. You can now have a task performed several times a day, for example, every hour, every 10 minutes or you enter the period yourself. Another option: you can link tasks that depend on each other so that they are performed consecutively. For example: Fill current tables à Fill HR tables for dashboards à Publish dashboards.

A task can be performed under a specific user (important for logging).

Send email in the language of the recipient

A message template can now contain several languages. In other words, every recipient can receive email messages from Profit in his/her own language. You can offer the subject, email content and the attachment names in the language of the recipient.

Alerts are also supported

This expansion means that it is no longer to link a message template to an alert for each language. All required languages, after all, are already included in the message template itself! Message templates that are linked to alerts are converted and merged.  

Save email from Office 365 Cloud

You can save email messages in Outlook under Office 365 Cloud as file items in Profit both through Windows and through Office 365 Mobile. This applies to both outgoing and received emails.  

The delivery date of this component is not yet known. 

Outgoing email via Azure

Profit will, however, send emails automatically. Examples include course confirmations, invoices, payment reminders, alerts and workflows. Email from Profit can now be sent via Azure (instead of POP3). We are responding, in this way, on the phasing out of POP3 as from 13 October 2020 announced by Microsoft. 

You will also be able to import e-invoices from Profit Finance via Azure.

Change location code

You manage the locations of Profit Calendar, classrooms and assets through General / Location / Location. You can now quickly change a location code with the new Change location code action button.

Clear old messages

The message history may contain many lines because of all the email messages that Profit sends for you automatically. You can delete all messages that are older than six months with the new Clear old messages action.