New in Profit 15


Purchase order via the workflow

As from now, purchase orders can be accessed via the workflow even when created via an order proposal or the work budget.  

A purchase order could already be assessed via purchase quotations via the workflow. This new option replaces the free configuration if you have it with the advantage that now an adjusted purchase order again enters the workflow.

Optimisation of instalment invoicing and invoice proposal

You can now set for each project whether you want to have the instalment invoice preceded by an invoice proposal. 

Now, the Instalment invoice including VAT at instalments field has been included in the entry layout. This is mainly important for the private customer relations at buyer support. The other VAT fields are also available.

In addition, you can now change the expiry date of instalments en mass. This will save you a lot of time if your construction project overruns.

Faster purchasing from the work budget

Purchases from the working budget now takes place considerably easier and faster.  You can now purchase both work types (labour) and costs (subcontracting) from the working budget. Previously, you could not purchase labour. This needed to be moved first to a cost monitoring code.  

Optimisation of Buyer support

The buyer support process has been optimised. The most important change concerns the process: as from now, the buyer chooses, confirms the buyer support and finally the buyer makes the choice definitive. (Previously, the buyer confirmed and made the buyer support definitive.) 

Pocket for construction businesses

Projects, teams and many other features are now available in Pocket by default.

  • Authorisation of Pocket based on team role - You can allocate a specific authorisation for Pocket (on tabs and actions) for each team role. 
  • Work slip - A work slip is a form that you complete via the Pocket app to register and perform work ad hoc. This, for example, refers to repairs that fall under a service contract.

Specific functions for the Construction have also been added, such as:

Status assessment

Additional functionality has been especially added for the construction sector such as registering a status assessment in Pocket. You can quickly find the required monitoring code and register the status (using the slider or by entering a percentage). The project progress is updated immediately and offers visual insight into the state of affairs.

Entering hours

A project manager can now enter hours in one go for all team members of a project. Select the project and monitoring code and enter, for example, the hours of all bricklayers in one go. Leave and absenteeism hours will be displayed so that you cannot accidentally enter hours for someone who is, for example, on holiday. 


You can now also easily enter receipts at the construction site in a simple manner. This applies to receipts based on purchase orders and subcontracting, but also to receipts without a purchase order (you can create a form for this immediately).

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