New in Profit 15


Winning deals via the forecast process

You can assess a new customer relation (incl. contact and forecast) via the workflow. After approval, this data will be created and you can continue with the forecast immediately. You can record all contact moments at the forecast. You can also record a cost estimate and issue a quotation with the forecast. You have optimum insight into the state of affairs via the updated Forecast dashboard.

New sales and purchase relation via the workflow

As already referred to above, you can create a customer relation via the workflow. You can also create a new purchasing relation (including a new contact) can also be created via the workflow. Only after approval will the new purchasing relation be created in Profit.

Also define persons as Other

You can also record the gender of a person as Other, for example, when the person is gender neutral. For employees, this is not yet possible because the Other gender is not yet being accepted by all bodies. We will offer the option to do this in Profit 16 for employees if this is allowed.

Course confirmation with diary appointment

You can now include an ICS file with a course confirmation. The ICS file contains appointments for all sessions of the course. The student can put all course sessions in his/her calendar in one go with this. There are also a few other changes.