New in Profit 15


Allow negative leave balance

You can now determine that employees can take leave with regard to claim wage processing even if that leads to a negative leave remaining balance. You determine yourself up to which negative limit this is possible.

Flex Trial calculation

You can make and hand out a trial calculation for a job applicant or a (new) employee and assess this calculation, for instance with regard to margin, before creating a placement.

Optimisation of cost price model

You can also do the following now with regard to the cost price model:

  • configure based on hour type
  • Obtain insight into how the cost price is built up by the new total lines.  
  • Import day reservation

Customer agreement via workflow

You can now have adding a customer agreement run completely via the workflow. The customer agreement will only be visible definitely as the customer agreement (a project type) when the workflow has been approved. You can thus have a better grip on the new customer agreements in your administration.