New in Profit 15

HR / Payroll

Recruitment and selection

The applicant master cars has been enriched with new options such as recording contact moments in the form of file items/workflows. A vacancy can now have several responsible persons (the members of the application committee) and you can also involve them in the workflow. You can now also record applicants manually if you do not use a vacancy portal.

Will you be proceeding with the applicant? You then generate a contract proposal that goes to the applicant via the workflow. The applicant can assess and digitally sign the proposal.     

Parental and birth leave

These processes are automated. We have made it easy for both the employer and employee. The employer defines the leave related to these leave types once.

All other processes run through InSite. The employee registers his/her own child and the remaining parental and birth leave will be allocated automatically. Next, the employee reserves his/her leave and, in relation to unpaid leave, there is immediate insight into the new salary. Workflows are naturally created so that the HR department can keep track of things.


Interactive organisation chart viewer

You will have fast and interactive insight into the organisation chart through a dashboard in InSite with the useful new Organisation chart viewer. You will see the structure of the departments and the manager/layer per organisational unit. In addition, the Organisation chart viewer offers all sorts of useful insights such as headcount, number of FTEs and part-time percentage per organisational unit.

Absence profiles

Not every absenteeism report is the same... That is why you now have absenteeism profiles. You can determine with this what your employees must fill in with regard to, for example, a new absenteeism report, an industrial accident, pregnancy absenteeism, etc. Customers who operate on an international level definitely benefit from this development..

Create employees twice in InSite

It may be necessary to report an employee twice and you can do this now via InSite. You determine whether this is allowed via the employed profile. If an existing employee is registered again, a new employee is created with his/her own employee code.

Confidential file items in InSite

Employee entries are processed by managers (MSS), but, as the HR department, you want to keep track of things. You can do this via a new view with the confidential file items that are contained in the workflow. You will see all confidential file items even if you do not have a workflow destination. 

New options in AFAS Pocket HRM

An employee can consult the members of his/her family and add a new family member. The processes related to parental and birth leave become operational in relation to a new child. An employee can now also withdraw leave entries himself or herself via Pocket.

A manager can now assess summary claim via Pocket.

Integrate public holidays with leave

You can now automatically integrate public holidays with leave. This means that leaven entries ae created automatically based on the table with the days on which the company is closed.  

More insight into the wage calculation

Profit 15 offers more insight into the wage calculation. You can now double click a wage component in the 5 screen payslip to see which data has been used for the calculations. Next, you can continue clicking to obtain even more insight into the underlying data. 

Close correction period

If you create a new correction period, it can be closed immediately. The correction period will not fill up automatically with corrections. You determine now which corrections will be included. Other corrections will move automatically to the following salary processing.

Optimisation of Payroll Auditor

The Payroll Auditor will ensure you have a lot less correction work, but it is possible that you simply want to accept a specific report/situation. You can then ignore the report (for the current period) or you can also completely deactivate it yourself. Another optimisation: you can build up a parameter history when changing parameters that you can also consult via the wage calculation.

Filter on Control register

You can now determine which wage components will be included in the Control register such as pension contribution/premium and travelling expenses. This means that you can check in a more focused manner and the performance of the Control register will have been improved.

Audit APG pension data declaration

You can now check the pension declaration for APG via HRM / Payroll / Digital messages / APG pension data delivery before it is sent. Profit will perform a number of checks for you, but you can also check the pension declaration yourself.