New in Profit 15

InSite and OutSite

Generate documents automatically via workflow

A Word document can be automatically generated in InSite and OutSite when a new workflow is started. You can also generate documents automatically and possibly convert them into PDF format during the workflow. The documents can also be signed digitally.

Responses optimised

Working with responses on file items has been redesigned completely and now has a great modern look and feel. You can now respond to a response where the original response is shown as a quote. You can easily classify responses (labels you can configure yourself such as Approved, Best solution, Query, etc.). You can also quickly share a response, for example, via email. And that is by far not everything...  

Site management face lift

Site management now also has a modern look and feel and the layout is more user friendly. It is now easier to switch between the published version, the AFAS version and a possible draft. It has also become easier to work with sections. We expect to delever the new version of site management at the end of August with a patch. 

Magnify memo field and copy to clipboard

Sometimes, there is a lot of text in a memo field linked to a file item or in a property screen. You can therefore now maximise these fields. You can also copy the entire text in one go the clipboard.

Delete completion forms

The new function General / In & OutSite / Completion form / Completed forms displays all completed forms. You can select forms quickly and delete them in one go, for example, because this is important with the framework of the GDPR.