New in Profit 15

Order Management

Intercompany order management

Profit now processes the purchasing and sales processes between administrations automatically if you work with intercompany. The purchase order in one administration will become a sales order automatically in the other administration. The same applies to the packing slip and receipt. The invoices from this process are reconciled immediately. No duplicate input anymore so you will work faster with fewer errors.

You can use this in combination with the fixed settlement price per warehouse. For information on this, see below.

Order portal in OutSite

Via OutSite, your logged in customer relations can easily place orders with you through the new ordering portal functionality. Your customer adds articles to a shopping cart. After your customer relation has placed an order, the back office can assess this sale order in Profit

Fixed settlement price per warehouse

Per warehouse, you can use a deviating Fixed settlement price for an article, for example, for your return warehouse. Articles that can be found there can then be given an FSP of 0 euros while, in other warehouses, the usual FSP continues to apply.

If you work with warehouses in several administrations, you can also use different FSPs over the administrations with this.

Having purchase orders assessed via the workflow

As from now, purchase orders can be accessed via the workflow even when created via an order proposal.  Previously, you could only assess a purchase order via purchase quotations via the workflow.

Free purchase request with several lines

You, for example, use free purchase requests for requesting repair or one-of articles that are not included in Profit. You can now combine several free purchase request in one purchase request and this will ensure that your overview is better. Per request line, you can, for example, determine the VAT rate and allocation (and therefore the assessment/procurement also runs smoothly). 

More at OCI links

Threee new OCI-links are now available:

You can also now send the purchase order as XML in relation to these three links: Mastermate, Rexel and Zorgboodschap.

Invoices via Invoicing cockpit

Order management invoices (sales invoices) can now also be invoiced via the Invoicing cockpit in Profit Financial. The method via Order management will continue to be available and will continue to operate as you are used to.

It is not yet possible to group invoices from order management in one invoice with lines from the other Profit modules.

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Allocate serial numbers to items in assembled items using an UpdateConnector

You can now add serial numbers to items in assembled items using an insert, using the following UpdateConnectors: