New in Profit 15


Term invoicing and invoice proposal optimised

You can now configure per project whether you want the instalment invoice to be preceded by an invoice proposal or not. This will ensure that you now will only inform specific customer relations of what you think that you will be invoicing them for the project with the invoice proposal. For other customer relations, you send an invoice immediately.  

In addition, the fields related to the VAT including the Instalment amount including VAT field are available with the instalments. In Construction, this field has also been included in the view, which is important in relation to the invoice for private parties.To conclude, you can now change the expiry date of invoice instalments by multiselecting. This function also offers much convenience of use in relation to, for example, construction projects where the delivery date moves.

Add projects and team members via workflow

Adding a project and team members can now run completely through the workflow. The project will only be visible definitely in your project administration (in Profit) when the workflow has been approved. This ensures that you can better manage your project administration.

Employee authorisation via projects

You can have authorisation run via projects. You should make a project leader into a 'project manager' for this. The project manager will be given authorisation with regard to all HRM processes with regard to team members for the duration of the project.

This functionality must first be activated.

Work slips & Pocket

The work slip is a new project type meant for a short job such as a repair. Usually, several jobs are performed on the same day. An engineer will see his/her jobs in a useful calendar view in Pocket. He/she can enter his/her hours and the consumption of articles/parts and add extra information through a new file item. When the job is done, he/she can report this completed where the customer can sign for approval in Pocket.  

Projects in Pocket

Projects are now available in Pocket. You will quickly have an overview with the useful My projects view (projects regarding which you are a team member) and by setting your important projects as favourites so that you always have it at hand. You can add projects based on project profiles so that so that you will have a completely new project in Pocket (therefore in Profit) with only a few actions. 

You can, for example, consult the team and, if required, update it, enter hours, change the project status and add file items in the project properties. You will see the return immediately in a clear visualisation.

Authorisation Pocket based on team role

You can allocate a specific authorisation for Pocket (on tabs and actions) for each team role. Someone with, for example, the team role Internal project manager in relation to a specific project can, in this way, have all rights with regard to this project. The same person can have the Team member team role for another project with only rights to consult and enter hours and consult other team members.

This means that the person implementing the project can, for example, have more rights than an employee of a project. 

Project invoices on a group invoice and in the invoicing cockpit

Project invoices can now also be invoiced via Profit Financial. In addition, you can collect project invoice lines from actual costing and instalments on one invoice with other invoice lines, that is, the ones from courses and subscriptions.  The Drafts function falls outside the scope of these new functions.

See New in Finance

Timetable check per entry layout for Hours entryRoostercontrole per boekingslay-out Uren boeken (InSite)

You can now set per entry layout how Profit should check the timetable for the action 'Close week' when using the Calendar layout. If used, this setting deviates from the check in the project settings for timetable checking. Use definition authorization to determine which layout is used by your users, and thus which check is applied.