New in Profit 17

HRM & Payroll


Choice model optimisation

The employee can exchange terms of employment against each other with this choice model. The configuration and operation have been optimised in this version.


Main responsible person for vacancies

You can now define a main responsible person who is linked to the vacancy. The main responsible person can be used for determining the workflow destination or to apply authorisation for views, message templates, filters and pages.

Bij default, The Main responsible person field is set als visible and changable in the profiles.


Email in UPA delivery

Several pension funds want to receive the email address of the participant. This allows them to contact the participants quickly and digitally. Now, the field My private email address may be issued to the pension fund is available for this purpose. 

By default, the field is set as not visible in the Employee context in the profiles. In Profit Windows, you will find this field on the Digital tab in de employee properties.


2021 legal payroll changes

No changes have been made in Profit regarding legal changes. Read the CLA release notes for the legal changes in the wage configuration.


More great functionality

  • Create CLA via the queue
    You used to get the message that it may take a while when you added a CLA. Subsequently, you could not continue working in Profit. Creating the CLA will now run through the queue. This means that you can continue working in Profit when creating a new CLA.

  • NHG Employer statement
    The [Dossier employee] NHG employers' statement (Profit) has been updated to the last version of the NHG for 2021.
  • Dashboard Succession planning and Fleet review have been optimised

    By default, the dashboards show all possible assessment criteria with regard to performance and employability. You will also see these if certain criteria are not available with regard to assessments due to certain selections or authorisation. This improves the general overview.

    Also, a speed selection has been added for assessments. In this speedselection, you can easily select a combination of performance and employability. The table with assessed employees will immediately show which employees meet your criteria.

  • New simplified annual statement
    A new simplified annual statement has been made available. Digital annual statements simplified (Profit). This annual statement meets the Tax authorities (Belastingdienst) standards.

  • New view 'Dossier incl. confidential' in InSite
    This view shows both all (both negative and positive) dossier items that have been recorded on the Employee destination. To this view, employee authorisation applies. This means, you will only be able to view dossier items of employees for whom you are authorised.