New in Profit 17

Order management


VAT proportionally reverse-charged for purchasing

VAT reverse-charged may be involved in relation to purchase entries with regard to the VAT duty. The VAT regarding the purchasing amount will not be paid by the supplier, but by you as the purchasing party. In specific sectors (such as healthcare and education), you may be VAT exempted (in part). This means that a proportional calculation must be applied where the VAT amount that cannot be reclaimed is entered as costs. In Profit Financial, this was already possible. This also now works in Order management.

This means that the cost amount including the non-claimable VAT is now determined correctly in relation to purchase requests, purchase quotations, purchase orders, purchase invoices and receipts. This also works in obligations and the reconciliation. This applies with regard to VAT reverse-charged in the Netherlands, in the EU and outside of the EU. VAT and costs are journalised correctly and the VAT return is completed correctly. This means that correction entries (for example, based on a self-made analysis) are no longer needed.


Process purchase order lines

You can now process order lines making a multiselection in the purchase order lines. You use this, for example, if part of the purchase order will no longer come. You then process the remainder of the line in the purchase order. You could already do this per purchase order.



OCI links

The following new OCI links are available:

You can also now use XML orders at Cebeo.

More great functionality

  • Determining the stock replenishment method for wharehouse allocations
    For each warehouse, you can now determine how item stock will be replenished if you use stock allocation with stock replenishment: via order proposal, via verplaatsingsvoorstel of via het proces dat je van deze als eerste uitvoert. For this, the field Stock replenishment method has been added. 
  • GetConnector Shipment note lines with batch and serial number
    In relation to the definition of the GetConnectors for the Preparation of movement lines, Shipment note lines and Receipt slip lines, the data linked to serial and batch items can now be added.