New in Profit 11
AFAS Pocket

ERP in your back pocket

Great new features in AFAS Pocket

Work even faster!

The following features are being supplied in the new version of AFAS Pocket. Please remember that the new AFAS Pocket is being supplied independently from Profit 11.

 Faster completion

You can now complete tasks and news items by swiping. You therefore no longer need to open these. If, for example, you see a task that you have already completed or that you can complete immediately, swipe and you're done!

 Faster submission

You can now submit file items from a sales contact, organisation, employee or project. You will often already have opened the relevant properties. In this case, use the new action to immediately create a file item.

 Faster searching

You can find dossier items faster because you can now search based on all fields that you see in the view. You can also sort the view in ascending or descending order.

Switch between environmments

If you have linked multiple environments to Pocket, you can now immediately switch environments without having to sign on again.  

Digital signature

Signing digitally via our own AFAS Signing Service in now also possible via Pocket. No unnecessary delays anymore because the signatory is "on the road" and can only sign a day later or after the weekend. You will receive a workflow and can consult the documents to be signed. Next, simply sign via the workflow and done! 

Filter based on My Tasks

Employees will see in AFAS Pocket all tasks that they must complete in My Tasks. However, you may not want tasks to be completed 'in-between other activities' with regard to some of them. You can therefore define a permanent filter on tasks, for example, based on File item type. This filter applies to all Pocket users

Approve hours

An employee can submit hours via AFAS Pocket and, next, approve them himself or herself. This has now been made dependent of a configuration, that is, the Allow approve hours yourself field. This field is enabled by default after switching to Profit 11. Deselect this field if only a manager may approve hours.

New search views

You can now also create search views for cost units, cost centres and periods. You manage this in General / AFAS Pocket / Settings on the Search views 2 tab. Please remember to authorise this tab.

Who is Who

You can now authorise Who is Who at different levels. You can display the base, departments and employee birthdays.

You configure this in the Authorisation Tool on the Pocket tab. If, for example, you do not want birthdays to be displayed because of the privacy of employees, deselect Who is Who birthdays.

Employee changes via AFAS Pocket

An employee can now change his or her personal data, address and bank account via Pocket. You employees therefore no longer need do not have to access InSite for this ESS functionality.  

You can configure this via the creation profiles for employee address, bank account and employee changes. Link these profiles in General / AFAS Pocket / Settings on the Employee change profiles tab. Please remember to authorise this tab..

When you link the profiles, the corresponding ESS functionality will become available in Pocket. If you do not link a specific profile, the functionality will not be available in Pocket. If, for example, of employees are not allowed to change their bank account numbers, the Salary account change creation profile should not be linked.