New in Profit 11
InSite & OutSite

Even more options for a great site!

Look & Feel

InSite and OutSite have been running for quiet some years and are essential for many organisations. The time has come to implement some changes so that the site looks and feels more modern! The new design has been implemented in all pages as you will notice immediately. You can see the creation screen of the new file item below. 

If you click on the Create button on a screen, it will change in Saved for a few seconds so that you know immediately that your work has been saved. You will also notice that you can format the text using bold, italics, underline, headers and lists. This is possible in many memo fields including in Profit Windows.

Check the layout of your personal InSite and OutSite and change it if required.  

Selecting a date

The selection screen linked to a date field has become less busy and it is now easier to select a date with just a few mouse clicks.

New Form theme component

You can now configure the colours and font of fields on input forms via the new theme component. Edit the theme and click Other / Form.

More options for the menu

You can now centre the menu bar regardless of the number of items that is being shown to users. A setting has been added, that is, that is, the Centre menu field in Site management under the Layout button. If you do not use this item, the menu will be aligned on the left.

Setting up the menu

Creating the menu has been optimised: The Add button is now displayed in relation to the selected menu item. The new menu item is added below this. You also have buttons to quickly move a menu item.

Google Tag Manager

Manage all your tags from one location!

With Google Tag Manager, you can manage all tags on your website from one location. You manage which scripts, on which web pages and when will be activated. You can, for example, perform A/B tests, add a chat functionality in one go over your entire website and gain insight into the performance of your adverts. You can, for example, activate the Facebook Pixel or LinkedIn Insight tag. 

You configure Google Tag Manager and you copy the Container ID in the site properties in Profit. 

AFAS already supported Universal Analytics and AdWords, but with Google Tag Manager obtaining insight will be even easier. AFAS does not offer support for the configuration or use of Google Tag Manager and other Google products; consult the Google documentation for support.