New in Profit 11  Application management

Pamper your customers and colleagues!

Memo fields with formatting
Handy formatting tool in many memo fields

You can now apply formatting in many memo fields for custom text such as headers, bold, underlined, italics, strike through, numbering and bullets. You can also add emojis. Available in Profit Windows, InSite and AFAS Pocket.

This applies to memo fields such as the explanation of a dossier item, responses to a dossier item, remarks related to debtors and creditors, forecasts, employees, articles, requests for leave, etc. Formatting is not available for other memo fields (the formatting bar will not be displayed either). AFAS determines in which memo fields formatting is available. The user cannot configure this.

Connectors, exports and imports

In relation to memo fields with formatting, you can also import the formatting through a Connector. The text must have the correct formatting codes for this. 

If you export through exporting a view or a GetConnector, a formatted memo filed will also have formatting codes.

For memo fields without formatting nothing changes. If you import text with formatting codes, the imported text will have formatting symbols (they will not be deleted). 

Custom memo fields

Memo fields that you have added through the Management Tool (custom configuration) do not included formatting. There is, however, a new type of custom field, that is, Memo with formatting.

You can convert your own custom memo fields to the Memo with formatting type. A field of the Memo with formatting type cannot, however, be restored to a Memo (without formatting) type.

Memo fields in reports

You can also display a formatted memo field in a rapport. The Remark memo field has been added in the example below to the entry layout for desk/direct invoices. This ensures that you can fill in a remark for all direct invoices. 

This remark will be displayed including formatting in the printed direct invoice (if you have placed the Remark field on the report layout).

If the report field itself includes formatting (you have, for example, made the report field bold), the formatting of the report will be used instead of the formatting in the memo field.

User groups supplied by default

Benefit from the best business practices - authorising made easy

A full set of user groups (roles) with authorisation is now supplied with Profit. You will automatically get the right authorisation on menu items, tabs and actions by using these groups. The corresponding InSite roles and functions are also supplied so you will have the right authorisation in InSite in one go. AFAS will expand and change the standard roles where required with each new Profit version. 

You will see in the example below the default menu authorisation of a role. You cannot change it with the exception of the custom configuration (such as the Custom contact file menu item). 

On the Authorisation tab, you will also see that the tabs and actions have been authorised, but that you must create and authorise the authorisation filters. Tabs and actions can not be changed, but you can authorise custom configuration tabs. You therefore do not have to create your own user groups for custom configuration. You can authorise the relevant tabs through the supplied groups.

Permanent InSite roles will be supplied for InSite. They will have a permanent set of functionalities. These functionalities will have the right authorisation of pages and parts. You cannot change these parts with the exception of the custom configuration such as the parts of the custom file item types.c

The authorisation for OutSite will not be supplied.

Release blocked entry sessions

If the connection with Profit is no longer available, your entry session may have been blocked. Have this cancelled in order to continue entering. 

You can release blocked entry sessions through General / Configuration / Blocks / Entry session; that will save you the effort of phoning Support! 

Microsoft Office and Exchange

Support has been expanded with Microsoft Office 2019 and the following versions of Exchange 2019:

  • Exchange 2019
  • Exchange 2019 Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Exchange 2019 Office 365 Business Premium

Repeating tasks and workflows

Grip on recurring activities

You can now also plan recurring tasks via Profit. You no longer have to add these types of things to your diary. Examples include:

  • Checks to be performed on a weekly basis
  • Completing a VAT return every month or quarter
  • Testing the CER portable transmitter-receivers every six months
  • Annual actions for the auditor's audit

You can configure virtually any frequency! The alert data can, if required, be presented in a different way in the alert text. For example, because you want to include a week number, month or year in the alert text. 

By creating a recurring alert, the right employees will automatically receive an alert via InSite. The key advantage: if employees are, for example, given other responsibilities, you can place them in the right user group. They will then be given the right authorisation and will now be given the right tasks! This also applies to new employees. The transfer of tasks/responsibilities has never been easier! 

Recurring workflows

You can also link a workflow to a recurring alert. Workflows will therefore be started automatically based on a simple maintenance schedule. You will not have to do anything anymore.

Profit Connectors


You can always check the Environment logbook via General / Environment / Logbook when there are reports or issues, The user is always displayed in the User field based on the tasks. This already took place in relation to testing via AFAS Connect and now it is the case with regard to all Connector calls.

Custom table values (REST)

You can also edit custom fields via am UpdateConnector. Only table values are allowed with regard to a custom field with a table link. You can now see in a custom field which custom table is linked in an UpdateConnector including the allowed table values.

Employee courses (HrEmpCourse)

employee courses can be added, changed or deleted with the new HrEmpCourse UpdateConnector.

Dossier (KnSubject)

You can now also add file items at the Item + Party destination. The Serial number field has also been added.

Enter returns

You can enter returns (returned goods) packing slips (FbDeliveryNote) and Receipts (FbGoodsReceived) by entering a negative quantity.