New in Profit 17




Year-end transfer for the VAT and CoC.

At the end of 2020, the Brexit transition period will end. There will be customs formalities thereafter in relation to trade with the United Kingdom (UK). Northern Ireland will be given a separate status within the UK. The country table has therefore been changed. VAT numbers, for that matter, are not changing even though the country code is. The VAT number will continue to start with GB. 


E-invoice processing optimisation

A number of improvement have been implemented in the processing of e-invoices as from Profit 17:

  • Option to change the description of the journal entry of e-invoices.
  • The custom matching lines have been expanded to include project fields.
  • Expansion of matching within e-invoices based on items in the receipt line.


VAT and payment settings of 'invoice to' sales contact also for projects, etc.  

For invoices that are not order management invoices, you can now configure that the VAT and payment settings of the Invoice to sales contact must be used in the sales contact profile. The Other field has been added for this. The old Debtor invoice settings field has been renamed to Order management.


VAT to be collected with regard to projects to be applied when entering purchase invoices

In Finance, you can now also enter cost invoices of which the basis is not a purchase order or receipt. The VAT collection from Projects functionality is also available in Finance. Previously, the Journalising receipt activation needed to be enabled for this. This is no longer needed.