Migration checklist for Profit 17

Important changes in existing functionality


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There's a new version for the PCC for Profit 17. There are no functional changes in the PCC. This new version is not obligatory.  Therefore the PCC will not report that there's a new version.  You van use the PCC of Profit 14 (version 14.01) in Profit 17. Would you live to update the PCC to the latest version? Download the PCC via InSite or Profit Windows.

Are you using a lower version (lower than version 14.01)? Then it is necessary to update the PCC updatet to the latest version. 


HRM / Payroll

Legal changes in Payroll 2021

Read the CLA release notes (Dutch) for the legal changes in the payroll configuration.



Edit Free purchase request in workflow

In Profit 15, it was made possible to use free purchase requests with mutiple lines. The field Changes allowed when reviewing in the profile did not determine wether or not it was possible to edit the purchase request if it was in a workflow. Only the setting in the dossier item type was used.

Both the Changes allowed when reviewing field in the profile and the Change dossier item setting in the workflow task must be enabled if you want to allow the user to edit the purchase request that contains multiple lines.  Check and change your profiles if necessary.

(For purchase requests of the product group type, it is sufficient to enable the field Change dossier item in the task properties).


Change relationships for the Brexit

The United Kingdom (UK) has left the European Union (EU). Therefore, there are changes to the VAT return as from January 1, 2021. For taxes, the United Kingdom will be treated henceforth as a non EU country.

  • The VAT duty for sales relationships is Export outside EU (4), with a VAT percentage of 0%.
  • The VAT duty for purchase relationships is Import outside EU.

SEPA payments via Profit (collection and payments) can proceed, no changes are required. You do need to change the VAT Duty of the sales and purchase relationships. 

Fot Northern Ireland, the following applies: for shipments to and from this country the European VAT system remains in place (the rules for intra-Community supplies). In the sales relationship properties, Debtor tab, you can enable the Northern Ireland (ICP return) field if for the sales relationship a VAT numer has been added that starts with  'GB'. 












We advice you to make this change after the last payment of 2020 and before the first payment of 2021.



Field change for Invoice to in the sales relation ship profile

Because of the new Invoice to setting, the Debtor invoice organisation field in the sales relation ship profile has been changed to Order management. This clarifies that the field applies only to this module.





When you create a new placement, Profit would copy the value from the Contract type field at the employee to the Placement type field. As from Profit 17, this is no longer the case.


Changes to the Outstanding claims menu

The overview menu Outstanding claims has changed to Employee claims (Via the HRM / Payroll / Overview menu).

For insight into employee claims, there are now two views:

  • Total per employee

The existing view has been expanded.  You now see all employees who have had a claim, not just the outstanding claims. Moreover, the Claims balance column has been split into the following columns:  Outstanding balance, Expired balance and Total to be claimed

  • All claims

This a new view. This shows all employee claims (all claims per employee, not compressed). This view offers more insight to all employee claims. This makes it easy to determine which employee has een outstanding advance or which employees have claims that will expire on short notice. You can immediately open the properties of a claim.

The Employee, Convert to debtor and Financial writing-off actions have been added to the authorization tool to the menu HRM / Payroll / Overview / Employee claims. Employees who had access to the Employee claims menu will gain access to the said actions.

Field change for Claim corrections to previous years in the salary processing plan 

In the properties of a salary processing plan correction period in a closed year, the field Claim corrections has been changed to Claim processing in

This field applies if you want to process claims in the previous financial year and to this end you have created a correction period in the closed year. 

In the new wizard, this is no longer available. You can change the field setting in the salary processing plan properties.

















The field values have been changed to:

  • To be determined (new) (default value)
  • This salary processing plan
  • Year-exceeding payroll processing schedule

With a Year-exceeding correction, you don't have to enter a value in this field. This only applies if you want to process vlaims of the previous year in a year-exceeding payroll processing schedule. In that case, you'll have to create a separate Year-exceeding payroll processing schedule.